Penetration testing


Contact us.

Contact us and rest assured. It is in our hands now.


Set the scope.

We call you for an appointment to define the rules. We strongly care about your privacy, and we hand over all data after the job.



You are now under attack. The result is a clear business report as well as a technical report about the findings. Simple as that.

Why you need us to hack you.

We aim to provide business owners with a clear view of their exposures. We do not, however, believe in standard penetration testing contracts which produce standard penetration tests based on frameworks used by 97% of the white hats. We believe real hackers are much more creative. We believe having respect for the black hats is the only way to defeat them. Therefore, we simply hack you like we were a black hat. You're just lucky we share the results. Rather than a number, we feel a customer is a human whom deserves to be protected adequately.

Dedication is key.

More than two-thirds of all advanced hacks succeed, but you might never know. That means people, or competitive businesses, who have a real interest in breaching your perimeter have a high success rate in doing so. Penetration tests might patch you up, but the real threat comes from persistent, creative black-hat hackers who have patience and dedication. We have more patience. We have more dedication.

ONE hack is all we need.

We aim for the highest. Make sure you picked the low-hanging fruit before we come in, it will save you costs and it will save us time

Harden your perimeter.

The only way to train your guards is to attack them. They may be alert for 23 hours, they may be the best in the field. We make sure they deserve your trust.

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