Intrustion detection system deployment


Contact us.

Contact us and rest assured. It is in our hands now.


We hook up our hardware.

We call you for an appointment to integrate our breach detection tools in your existing network. We strongly care about your privacy, and clearly explain the purpose of each component. Nothing goes in or out without your permission.


Sit back and let us do the work.

Your network is now being monitored using the latest intelligence available on the net. In case of a detected breach, we personally contact you.

Why you need us to protect your network.

Detect Breacheson any of your network devices.

On average, it takes companies over 200 days to discover a cyber breach. The longest presence detected was even 2982 days. With our up-to-date IDS, we help you in detecting these breaches sooner. This will lower the impact of the breach, and help you in maintaining your reputation, your most valuable possession after all.

360° Viewof your network

We are no replacement for an anti-virus, HIDS, or for a firewall. However, we add an additional layer of security by providing a 360° view over the traffic of your complete network, something a product that is installed on only some of your systems cannot deliver.

Prevent Attacksby detecting them in an early stage.

Every attack is preceded by a recognition phase. Detect the recognition phase and prevent the attack. Our intrusion detection system is able to detect the most complex attacks coming from both the inside as well as from the outside.